Operated by Nasdaq Inc, the NFN system facilitates the collection and dissemination of valuation data for the following asset classes:

  • Alternative Investment Product
    • Commodity Pool Funds
    • Fund of Hedge Funds
    • Managed Future Funds
    • Non-Traded REITs
    • Non-Traditional Hedge Funds Registered
    • Private Equity Offerings
  • Annuity
    • Equity Indexed
    • Variable
  • Collective Investment Trust
    • Collective Investment Trust
  • Demand Deposit Account
    • Demand Deposit Account
  • NextShares
    • NextShares Exchange Traded Managed Fund
  • Hedge Fund
    • Hedge Fund
  • Managed Account
    • Separately Managed Account
    • Unified Managed Account
  • Mutual Fund
    • Closed Ended Fund/ETF
    • Interval Fund
    • Open Ended Fund
    • Tender Offer Fund
  • Money Market Fund
    • General Purpose
    • Government Securities
    • Tax Exempt Securities
  • Separate Account
    • Separate Account
  • Structured Product
    • Commodity/FX
    • Digital
    • Growth
    • Growth and Income
    • Income
    • Other
    • Rates
  • Unit Investment Trust
    • Debt UIT
    • Equity UIT

Website Functionality

The NFN system is comprised of two modules:

Registration Service

Used by issuers and administrators to request new NFN tickers and to report corporate actions (such as name changes, mergers / acquisitions and liquidations)

Valuation Service

Used by issuers and pricing agents to report valuation, dividend, and distribution data for live NFN instruments.

Reports and download files are available for all firms to access as long as the NFN system is open.

To access the NFN website, Nasdaq requires that users have a valid NFN user ID, password and security certificate.

Contact Information

General NFN inquiries should be directed to Nasdaq Fund Network Operations at
1 301 978 5307 (Option 6).

Technical issues with NFN user IDs, passwords and security certificates should be directed to Nasdaq Trading Service at +1 212 231 5180.